Sell Your Item

Preserving history by sharing preloved jewellery

Want to sell your piece of jewellery? Enquire with us!

At COUNTY GOLDSMITHS, we pride ourselves with our preloved jewellery. Many items we have here have been passed down throughout the generations, with some pieces dating hundreds of years old. We work to preserve and share these magnificent pieces of history by selling them through our store or to other experienced people in our trade.

If you are looking to sell a piece of jewellery, we will be more than happy to take a look at it. We can’t always sell direct through our store during peak times as we have so many beautiful pieces, but we will always try and find someone whether it is a fellow tradesman in our industry or another customer for you to part your jewellery with.

To enquire, please send us images of the item along with:

As many details as you know about the piece

Certification (if any)

What price you are looking to receive


We will contact you as soon as possible regarding whether or not we can buy or find another tradesman to take your piece.

If we cannot sell your item, we will always work to try and find someone else to buy it from you. We work on a zero commission basis as we believe that these beautiful pieces of history should be shared and not hidden. We pride ourselves in our industry and want to trade fairly and generously.